Ashfield Tourney

About the team

Ashfield is a small ex industrial mill workers village located outside the city of Stirling.
The Ashfield Tourney takes place every summer, last one day, includes, day of football, BBQ and normally a good dance at the end.
In the beginning it wasn't really a Tourney, more a kick about between mates and a piss up. The core group all shared similar values, widely anti-discrimination. We began displaying this with small flags and banners. As the years went by the group grow in size, more people started coming. Last year, 2016, residents of the village took part for the first time to our delight. Another first was Stirling City All Stars disability football club coming along, adding another element to the tourney.

Last few words, this year will be our 5th Tourney, we always want to grow and make new mates, this is an open invite. Date for this year is 29/07/2017. Need more info see us on the day.

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