Tower Hamlets Women's Football Club I

About the team

Tower Hamlets gained their distinctive nickname "the COWS" from their originals as Clapton Orient Women's FC, the letters of the words being the COW of the name. Clapton Orient was the original name for the club now known as Leyton Orient, who were formed in the 1800s and have a rich history, including being the first English Football League team to volunteer en masse to fight in the first world war. The Clapton Orient Ladies team was started as a community project and around ten years ago, seeking a more permanent base, The COWS were invited to become the team to represent the borough of Tower Hamlets. The club have made the their home at various venues across the borough including Victoria Park and in more recent seasons in the shadows of Canary Wharf, at Millwall Park. Even as Tower Hamlets WFC, the team has continued to be known as The COWS with the club logo containing a COW image, clearly visible on all club kit.

Favourite thing about East London

The Pubs and Vicky Park!